A Large Germans vs. Russians Battle

This was the last “large scale” Flames of War battle I participated in.  There were 4 players per side, with each player deploying 2500 points.

I generally avoid large multiplayer battles like this. They have a habit of bogging down rather quickly, and seem to be a pwderkeg of frustrations and rules arguments just waiting to explode. But this was pretty enjoyable, though, in the end, it did bog down, and was pretty much called a draw after about 7 hours or so of playing (it was about 2 am).

This was the general view of the table, from my setup area. I had the left flank-fow-19dec08-005

 And again, the view from my end after deployment. I was fielding a full StuG III Batterie plus begleit riders, a pioneer platoon, a platoon of Tigers, and a Nebelwerfer Battery-fow-19dec08-009

 My StuGs , Pioneers, and Tigers moved towards the river. The goal was to force a crossing and engage the Russians holding the flank. The long term idea was to turn the Russian flnk and then push up alongside the river-


 Things, of course, didn’t go as planned. The Russians were fairly well covered on the far side of the river, and things soon turned into a shoot-and-scoot between the Tigers and a group of IS-2s on the other side.  The rest of the battle, for me, turned into a trade off of tank losses between myself and my opponentbattle3.

My part of the battle ended in a tactical draw, I would suppose. I never got across the river, but I tied down a large number of Soviets and inflicted some decent losses on them. Meanwhile, the two center companies forced a crossing of the river, while the far right flank company held its own. By the end of the battle, a fight was raging over the village. All in all, it was called a draw, as lack of sleep caught up with us all.

DenverFoW gaming group has done a couple of large scale games since this, also revolving around river crossings, and they are much larger battles, with more players, and are very well organized. Unfortunately, because of work conflicts, I haven’t been able to participate. The next time I can, though, I’ll make sure I take more pictures with a better camera than the one on my cellphone that I used to take these.


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