Award Winner

This is the unit that I won 1st Place in the Unit-Vehicle painting competition at this years GhengisCon. Though I didn’t win a medal. They did two types of judging, and though I took first in the catagory, judged on it’s own merits, I guess the judges didn’t feel it was medal worthy. Better luck next time I suppose. Next Con…Napoleonics! Or purple and yellow tanks. Something colorful to compete with the plethora of fantasy figures 🙂

Nebelwerfer Battery

Nebelwerfer Battery


Nebelwerfer Battery, Trophy, Kitchen.

Nebelwerfer Battery, Trophy, Kitchen.


2 thoughts on “Award Winner

  1. Saw your site on TMP today. I am another Denver area gamer. Just wanted to let you know that winning at Ghengiscon with a WWII entry in 15mm is difficult. The unit you have done is very good but the subject is hard to make stand out even if it is technically very good. True confession time: I have been a judge in past years at Tacticon and Ghenghiscon (though not for the last 2 years). I found that 15mm can be done very well but it is difficult to compete with larger models. In addition, animation is important and there seems to be less animation in most WWII 15mm models than in other categories. Finally, you might consider dressing up the presentatioin stand a lot. The stand should not be considered in the judging but often presentation has a lot to do with how your figures will be considered or perceived. If the figures arranged on the base appear to tell a story, all the better. GMC

    • I really appreciate your advice. It is tough to compete against everything else in 15mm. Many techniques that are used in larger scales just aren’t practicle or just don’t show on the smaller scale. Don’t misunderstand. Not getting the medal just made me want to try harder for the next convention. It’s all a learning experience for me.

      Thats why it’s nice to have you comment on this. There wasn’t much critique afterwords, so I wasn’t sure what direction to take things to get to the “next level”. And a couple of things you mentioned had not occured to me…especially the display stand. I’ve only been entered in the last 2 Cons, so I’m still figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Thanks for the explanations and the advice. I will most definately keep that in mind as I work on my Tacticon entries.

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