A Couple More Award Winners

These two groups of Battlefront miniatures won 1st and 3rd place in the unit painting competion in September’s TactiCon in Denver, CO. The first one is a recce platoon from the 6th Airborne Division, 6th Armoured Airborne Recce Regiment that won 1st place. . It’s another one of those companies that I may finish one of these days…

I’m not crazy about the basing on these. I may go back and redo them using some examples from TomWise on the Flames of War Forums.


The second is a Cromwell troop, also part of the same company. It took 3rd place, though honestly I got lucky…it probably wouldn’t have placed at all except for a lack of competitors. I believe there were 6 total, with perhaps 10 total entries in the catagory.


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