Shopping Day

Well, it was a pretty good day.

windsornewtonI made the trip to Meininger Art Supply just south of downtown Denver and bought my first Windsor & Newton paintbrushes.  I was just tired of the rate I was going through brushes that I was picking up at Hobby Lobby and Michaels. When I first started painting, I used synthetic brushes. For the basic stuff I was doing, they seemed to work fine. But over time, as I began attempting new techniques, and reading how some of the painters who’s work I admired approached their painting, I began to make the switch to sable brushes. The difference was almost instantly noticeable. Sable seems to hold the paint better, and allows a more even flow without as much streaking. This is very useful when doing blending and feathering, two processes which I am doing my best to learn well. But even the best brushes that I was getting were still not of the highest quality. Within a couple days of painting, no matter how well I cleaned, soaped, and shaped the tips, the tips began to curl. A real pain when trying to do detail work. And a real waste of money. So after reading a number of suggestions, I decided to dive into some better brushes, and invest in some Windsor & Newton Series 7 brushes. I’ve read that they reatain their shape very well, and properly cared for, can last for quite a long time. I’m hoping that I’ll see a difference when using them. If what I’ve read holds true, I’ll probably be wondering why I didn’t buy them a long time ago.

fieldofgloryThen I went down to Valhalla’s, and picked up my copy of Field of Glory that I ordered last week. A number of local gamers have been playing this for awhile, mostly doing Romans and Greeks, so I decided I’d check out the rules and see if I find them interesting enough to add yet another genre of miniatures to my “paint me someday” pile. First reactions? It’s a very nice looking set of rules. Though I’ve only read the first couple of pages, I’m already impressed with the production quality. Everything is well laid out, with many color photos and examples. I also flipped through the painting guide included. Production-wise, it’s in the same league as Games Workshop and Battlefront products. Maybe even better.  And, supposedly, a Napoleonic rules expansion is in the works. I’ll post more on my impression of the core rules after I read them.

2 thoughts on “Shopping Day

  1. Scott,
    There is a new Field of Glory book that came in this week. I forget the title, but call me and I’ll give you the details. Love your site! Bar

    • Barry, I swear you’re going to put me into the poor house! Thank god I can always sell blood. When do you work next?

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