28mm Napoleonic French Project Pt. 2

So my Litko bases finally arrived. Note to self…order WAY in advance of when I need them. Took about 3 1/2 weeks to arrive.

I based a few of my French to see how they fit together on the bases, plus I wanted to test out some of the flocking materials I had on hand.


Here’s a good lesson. Plastic bases and metal nail heads don’t mix when stuck together with superglue…hence the torn up bases on a couple figures.




I did some flock tests with things I had on hand on the skirmisher stand. I’ve decided to add one more fiugre to the skirmish stands. Though I’m basing for Shako II, which uses 3 per skirmish stand, I think 4 will look a little better. Also, I’ve ordered some more Silfor tufts and matching 4mm static grass. What I have is just much too short…it looks more like moss. On the positive side, I did like the way the mud patches came out, and I’ll try that technique when I rebase these. I’ll also add more terrain features, like rocks and logs, and perhaps find other objects that might fit in on these stands.




This week I also recieved my Perry Metal Miniatures, which included mounted infantry Colonels, which I will base with the 1st battalion of each regiment, battalion command groups, and line NCOs. I’ll mix these into the battalions to add a touch more “animation” and give each battalion something a little unique.

2 thoughts on “28mm Napoleonic French Project Pt. 2

  1. Hi DJ, Enjoying the entries for the Napoleonics. The finished flag looks great. How did you get it to stay in shape?

    • Hey Pete-
      Just watered down PVA glue. I brushed it onto the inside of the flag, and then folded it in half, leaving a loop to slide onto the flag pole. Then while it was still damp, I bent in the folds. It dried up nicely, and pretty stiff. After I give it its final varnish, it should be really stiff.

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