My GMB flags are here!

gmbMy GMB flags arrived!

I ordered these direct from Grahame at GMB. They arrived from the U.K. 7 days after they were shipped. Not bad of a wait at all.

I ordered enough regimental flags and battalion fanions to cover every battalion in Jerome Bonaparte’s 6ème Division d’Infanterie

First impressions? Wow! These are just gorgeous. My camera doesn’t come close to showing how well these are done. Not only are the colors vibrant, but the shading is done perfectly, and gives a great impression of how to bend the flag into a natural “hang”.

I haven’t tried to cut and attach them yet. I’m not certain what the best approach is, but I’m thinking watered down PVA glue should do the trick of holding the halves together and allowing me to shape them.

GMB flags can be ordered from Triangle Miniatures (see link in the Game Store section), or you can contact Grahame Black at . Ask for a price list, and you can order directly from him.


I’ll post some more once I have attached a couple of flags.


3 thoughts on “My GMB flags are here!

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  2. Hey Scott. I’ve noticed that your GMB Flags on your Napoleonics have some thickness to them. I am curious how you set your flags and if you use some sort of card with them? Thanks! And great work!

    • Thanks for dropping by!

      The thickness is the paper itself. The flags are on a high quality , somewhat thick paper (though not cardstock). This gives it some durability and makes any bends hold a little better. I simply use slightly watered down PVA glue the attack the flag (it bends in half against itself to wrap around the pole), let that dry, then lightly brush with very watered down pva glue to make it damp enough to bend into the shape I want.


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