28mm Napoleonic French Project Pt. 3

Here are a couple of additions to my 1ère Régiment d’Infanterie de Ligne.

The first is Major Jean-Louis Baux, dit Lebeau, the Regimental Commander. The original commander at the beginning of the 100 days period was removed right before the march into Belgium, having been deemed politically “unreliable”. Major Baux led the regiment at Quatre Bras and at Waterloo, where his arm was shattered by gunfire. Of course, this miniature almsot certainly  doesn’t look anything like to real Jean-Louis Baux, but it’ll do.







The next is the Premier Porte-Aigle, carrying the Regimental colors and eagle. The flag is from GMB flags-







7 thoughts on “28mm Napoleonic French Project Pt. 3

  1. Nice work. This officer will look great next to the troops. I couldn’t help noticing there appears to be a bit of extra material on his right lapel. Compare this with the left side. Was it cast that way?

    • I noticed that as well. It was cast that way. I thought it might be flash, but it’s definately part of the sculpt. I debated filing it down, but decided to go ahead as is. After I finished, I saw that it was pretty noticeable, though it didn’t look terribly out of place. In retrospect, I wish I had filed it down, but because I couldn’t be certain what it was, I didn;t want to take the chance. Oh well.

  2. Hi
    nice figures.
    On TMP you ask about the wine or burgandy colored facings for the 2nd. Regiment. If you read the French text, it says these facings were possibly worn by some of the regiment, as this was their uniform in the former royal army. Here the regiment was titled The Queens Regiment. It is only a possibillity and a speculative, but reasonable guess by the artist.

    • Thanks for translating that for me. I used Babel Fish to make an attempt, but the translation was pretty rough, and I couldn’t quite figure it out. So, given the amount of time we’re talking before the regiment marched into Belgium, its possible that they were still wearing the Queens Regiment colors. Interesting. I may paint them these colors just for something different.

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