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Here’s another link I should have posted some time ago. Artmaster Studio is not only a painting service, but the site has a fantastic gallery, and even better, painting tutorials. There’s alot of inspiration found here, and just some plain, ol’ fashioned fantastic painting.

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  1. Just like to let you know from your TMP post the figures from left to right in the hanger on set are Guard Grenadier Infantry Officer, Guard Dragoon Officer lieutenant-général comte Ornano would be the highest ranking officer commanding 4 squadrons , Hussar maybe the famous Marbot since he commanded the 7th Hussar at Waterloo, Young Guard Infantry Officer, Red Lancer Officer could be Colbert-Chabanais but he would have a sling since he was shot in the arm at Quatra Bras, Carabiniers Officer highest officer I could find was Baron Blancard the Brigade Commander 12 division 3eme Corps de Cavalerie. I hope this help keep up the painting I am working on my first battalion of light infantry and your painting helps me get motivated!

    • Fantastic! Thanks for the information. This is alot of help in determining how I’ll use some of these figures. Though I probably won’t do anything with these particular figures for a little while (try to stay focused..try to stay focused heheh), a couple of them I couldn’t quite figure out what to do with. Thanks for taking the time to look them up.

  2. I am pretty sure with the Young Guard Officer he could pass for a light infantry officer. Also the Hussar all you would need to do is add a little green stuff to make a band around his arm to make him an ADC. For your basing where do you find how to base your troops as I am trying to figure out how to base my light infantry as 36 is a big battalion and I like the way they look but I also was looking at other sites and it showed basing troops such as 31 troops to represent the strength of a battalion in the Waterloo campaign. Any ideas?

  3. Hey Mike

    Thanks for the info. That may be exactly what I do with the Hussar officer. I think I could find more use for him as an ADC in a command stand of some sort. Same with the young guard officer.

    As far as basing goes…I am using one of the basing schemes from the “Shako II” ruleset. The advantage of this scheme is that the stands are also compatible with the standard basing for “AGe of Eagles”, though Shako bases by battalion, and AoE bases by Brigade. Very handy so I can play 2 scales of games.

    Shako II offers a few differing basing sytems, though anything will work as long as both sides are based the same. The one I’m using uses 4 figures in two rows on a 1 1/2″x2″ stand (3/4″x1″ per miniature). This scheme calls for 3 stands, with an optional 4th stand for a large battalion. I go ahead and use 4 stands (if I ever do 1805 Austrians, I’ll add 2 stands. But I won’t, so it doesn’t matter heheh) This gives the same frontage as a different Shako II scheme, only using the square bases, instead of bases with 4 figures in a row. And, like I said, I can use the exact same stands combined in various numbers to play “Age of Eagles”. So I stick with 16 figures per battalion for Shako II, which is my main game for now. With a game having 20-40 battalions on the table, I think this will look just fine.

    I’m looking forward to Foundry’s “Napoleon” ruleset. From looking at the slideshow preview, it looks as though this same “4 figures in 2 rows per stand” is also used in that game, though I have no idea of the dimensions.

  4. Thank You for the help! I think I actually like the look of bigger battalions for some reason since I don’t paint fast enough to do a lot of battalions. Also I having been looking at JCMiniatures blog the Waterloo campaign in miniatures and he has plates from General de Brigade for Waterloo campaign or at least Quatre Bras. He has the battalions from anywhere from 28-36 size battalions some even at 31. So I think I will try to use those and if you do not have the site it is a great one for basing. Here is the website Great blog!

  5. Oh JC’s sight is amazing! Too bad he quit updating it awhile back. But at least it’s still up. I should add it to my links.

    I truly thought abouyt using General de Brigade and his scheme, but between affordability and time, there was no way it would ever happen. I believe on one plate he breaks down the french numbers…something like 2000 miniatures, not counting horses. Maybe it was more. At any rate, I know I could never afford that, nor would I ever finish it even if I could afford it. I found the scheme I’m using the best compromise for me. But if you can do it, hell, it’s going to be simply amazing.

    I’m wondering if the “Napoleon” rules will use large figure-number battalions. If it’s reasonable (24-ish) I may go that direction.

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