“Napoleon” is coming, er, has arrived!

napoleon foundry rules coverWell, Foundry has released its new set of Napoleonic rules, “Napoleon“, and of course, I had to order a copy. $52.00 direct from Foundry, but no shipping charge, so it’s not a bad deal, especially considering it’s a hardbound, 400 page, color photo filled rulebook. And yes, I know it’s available for pre-order from Amazon.com for less, but I want my copy as of yesterday! Of course, with my luck, by the time Foundry gets around to sending my copy and it finally arrives from the U.K., it’ll probably be available on Amazon. <sigh>

From looking at the preview pages on Foundry’s website, it looks as though the figure count is right along the lines of what I’d be willing to do- roughly 24 figures per battalion, mounted on 4 figures per 40mm x 40mm base. This will probably be a better “looking” battalion than my 16 figure Shako II sheme. It also appears, from the preview pages, that there is a ton of useful info on the various nationalities, and some great painting guides.

A page with some advanced rules on generals is available for preview, and it gives the impression that commanders are given command rating, something of which I heartily approve, and miss from the Shako II rules. Though I may be acting as the overall commander, any commander, most especially in this era, had to deal with the abilities and limitations of his subordinates and include those qualities in formulating battlefield strategy (or have those abilities formulate strategy for him), and I like seeing those variables in rules. Plus, it adds even more “character” to a force on the table, and for me, makes that group of painted miniatures sitting on a table something more representaive of the troops they’re modeled after.

Though I’m not a big fan of Foundry Napoleonic miniatures, both because of price and the way they’re modelled (though I am a huge fan of their paint), I’m really looking forward to this rule set. I’ve heard nothing but good things about their other rulebooks, and hope that this one will be no exception.


2 thoughts on ““Napoleon” is coming, er, has arrived!

  1. The book does look good! But the only reason I would buy it is for the painting guide inside at least that is what some of the pages showed haha. I hope whenever you get the book you can post a review and maybe a large size picture of the painting guide for horses and French Grenadiers… Well a guy can always dream can’t he hahaha.

  2. I’ll do that, Mike (a review/overview). Given, it’ll be the observations of someone who is just getting started, really, in Napoleonic miniature wargaming.

    Just to save myself from a random Foundry employee stumbling across copywritten images from the pages of their book on my blog, I’ll do the next best thing…I’ll describe the painting guides and let you know if they make it worthwhile to get the book. 🙂


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