28mm Napoleonic Project, Pt. 6

Here’s the next addition to my slowly (very slowly) growing French 6ème Division d’Infanterie at Quatre Bras-

Général de Division Prince Jérôme Bonaparte with his Adies de Camp, Marechal de Camp Wolf and Captaine Bourdon de Vatry (or as close as I could approximate them)

This will be my Command Stand for my division. I may rebase bigger if need be, but for now, this will work.  I wasn’t completely satisfied with this, but it turned out all right. Another good learning experience, especially the faces, which were done with alot of help and a great lesson from Kris with Denver’s League of Extraordinary Gamers.


10 thoughts on “28mm Napoleonic Project, Pt. 6

  1. Great Idea! I have stopped painting lately since I been reading and working a lot more. Right now I have finished the first battalion of light infantry. Also pretty much the divisional staff is done and the chasseur a cheval brigade commander done with his 2 aides de camp. I like the idea and this was the idea I am going to use as well. The funny this is I enjoy painting the commanders and their staffs more than the infantry. For some reason I love painting the ADC must be because I read Marbot recently haha. Anyways great job and keep them coming!

  2. Thanks Mike

    I’m the same…I like painting the commanders more too. That’s why I went ahead and did these before moving on to the next battalion. I think it’s because I spend more time on the induvidual figures, instead of doing an “assembly line” approach.

    These didn’t turn out quite as well as I had wished, but I’m satisfied with them. The faces were a good learing experience. I’m going to try Hussarbob’s NMM technique on the next officers I do.

  3. What did you do with the faces? They look more life like I think, but I am wondering about the darkeness of their skin… I usually paint my frenchies a little lighter skinned although then again you could just say that hot June sun gave them a tan hahah, good luck on the rest of your project it looks great so far!

    • That’s funny about the color. It’s a bit on the dark side for me too. I used Reaper Tanned Flesh (shade, base, highlight), plus a wash in between an a glaze after. It was kind of a class we were going through. The next figures, I’ll mix in a little Reaper Rosy Skin with each step to brighten the tone up a bit.

  4. Hey from Spain

    I think that the idea is great but a little question:
    A divisional General takes rhe feathers in the hat BLACK nor white or Im wrong.

    Best Regards

    • Hello Miguel.

      You are correct on the black feathers for Divisional commanders. Jerome Bonaparte was an exception. He originally asked to command a Corps during the 100 days, but Napoleon only gave him a Division, and he had a second in command, Général de Division Armand-Charles Guilleminot, who did wear the black feathers. Napoleon did’t trust Jerome’s abilities, and left Guilleminot with the 6th Division to act as an “aide” to Jerome. I believe Jerome wore the white feathers because of his status as a Prince, perhaps? My source for the uniform is from the fantastic Mont Saint Jean website, specifically this plate-


  5. Thanks a lot, really I would like to send you my pics about my Quatre Brass project with Perry miniatures tell me your mail to send you my pics.

    Best Regards.

  6. I just wanted to say I would love to learn how you paint the way you do . I’m Going to be returning from Iraq in the next week and have just bought some perry Nap any advice ???
    SSG McCray

    • Heya Staff Sergeant

      Thanks for the compliment!

      Wow, where to start on advice…

      Believe it or not, the thing that got me started on my Perry’s was Games Workshop’s “How to Paint Citidel Miniatures” I learned more from that one book than any other single source. Kevin Dallimore’s “Painting and Modelling Guide” is also somewhat helpful.

      I generally paint in 3 layers for massed troops, and 5 or more for induvidual figures. FInd a good shade/base/highlight combo and go from there. I start with the shade and work my way up through the lighter colors. I often finish with a glaze of the base or shadow color (rough mix 1 part paint to 10-20 parts water…VERY thin stuff..barely noticeable). I also use weathering powders for mud and grass stain effects.

      I like Vallejo Paint, Im REALLY starting to like Reaper paints, and I tolerate Foundry paint…great colors, but bizzare consitency. I use all 3. Once in a great while I’ll use a GW paint color I like as well. Reaper is great because they are in the states, they aren’t expensive, they go on thin and smooth, and they are organized into shade/base/highlight triads.

      Last bit of advice…check the Steve Dean Painting forums for great inspiration and advice, and HussarBob’s website for some amazing pictures worth studying. Plus he’s starting to put up tutorials. I think if enough of us bug him, he’ll show us how he paints faces heheh (link for both on the right side of the blog)

      Feel free to let me know if you’d like a specific “how did I do this thing” description.

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