A Brunswick Hussar Diorama

Well, this is the project I’ve boon working on on the side for the last couple of months- A Diorama of Brunswick Hussars that I put together for the Tacticon ’09 painting competiton this weekend. It took  Bronze in the “open” category…my first medal! I also took Bronze in the “Painter” category with my French Line Battalion which I posted a few weeks ago.

Thanks to HussarBob for plenty of inspiration, tips, and advice, and Kris from DEN_LEG for teaching me quite a few new techniques.


9 thoughts on “A Brunswick Hussar Diorama

  1. Hard to keep up with painting my units for Quatre Bras when you keep raising the bar. Excellent diorama, glad you won a medal.

    • Thanks Rob. If I tried to paint like this for our Quatre Bras game, I don’t think I’d be ready for the 200th anniversary, let alone the 195th.

    • Thanks HB! I’m getting there. I was pretty happy with how this turned out, I can see where I can improve, and I’m starting to put together my next diorama.

    • Well, it varied.

      For most of the uniforms I used the Foundry French Blue triad, with a 4th highlight of foundry franch blue (highlight) and vallejo lufwaffe uniform for a final touch of the very highest areas.

  2. You got jipped! I didn’t see the other contestants but you should have gotten gold. This is an amazing diorama.

  3. Hi, I like your Brunswick Hussars, you have done a great looking diorama. Are these 28mm? and if so what make are they? Did the Hussars fight on the peninsula as well? I would love to be at Quatre Bras 2015, i will be 50 on the 15th June, what a hoot that would be. I have only recently become reaquainted with napoleonics and wargaming since childhood. I appreciate your blog.

    • Mike

      Thanks for stopping by, and for your kind words. These are 28mm Perry Miniatures Brunswick Hussars. Apparantly some Hussars did indeed serve in the Peninsula. This was intended to be a Quatre Bras diorama, but I’ve since found out the color scheme I did for the Hussar’s sashes was used in the Peninsula, and had changed by the time of the Waterloo campaign. Oh well, live and learn.

      That would be fantastic to visit the site for the anniversary. With a couple years to plan it, you really should try. That would be a wonderful way to spend your 50th!

      It’s a great time to start reaquainting youself with Napoleonic miniatures and wargaming. There is definately a renaissance in the genre, with amazing figures being produced by companies such as Perry, Victrix, Front Rank, and Calpe, just to name a few, and some really fun rulesets on the market, Lasalle, Black Powder, and Shako II being my personal favorites…especially Lasalle, which has turned our local gaming group from a small group of 5 people working on Quatre Bras into a club of 20+ all frantically painting and playing Napoleonics.

      I’ve been taking a bit of a hiatus from painting, with quite a bit of other things interfereing with the time I have available, but I’m itching to jump back in, and should have some new stuff posted relatively soon. Keep checking back, and if there’s anything I can help with or any questions you have, don’t hesitate to ask.


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