Lack of Anything

582848-2[1]Sorry about the lack of anything new. I’ve gotten sidetracked back into Flames of War, and I have quite a bit of painting to do, but little to show for the effort so far. I’ll get something up soon.

I’m currently working on finishing a 15mm Aufklarungschwadron from Aufklarungabteilung Herman Goering, and trying to finish up my 9. SS Panzergrenadierkompanie before a Flames of War  tournament coming up in December. I also still have French Line infantry on my table, plus some Napoleonics I may or may not work on to enter in the painting competition at GhengisCon in February. So, lots of pokers in the fire. Hopefully, I’ll actually finish one of them soon…

2 thoughts on “Lack of Anything

  1. HA! Yeah, that whole “Oooh! Shiny!” syndrome. Easily distracted. I heard the call of gaming, but fear not, theres boxes of French line still waiting for some color on my table.

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