Yes, I’m still here…

Yeah, yeah. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. But honestly, I haven;t done much painting worth posting about, nor much gaming worth mentioning either. It’s been a rough, distracting couple of months.

But I do have a couple of projects in the works. Thanks to the new LaSalle Napoleonic ruleset by Sam Mustafa that has exploded on my local gaming group, I found a sudden passion for 15mm Napoleonics. Well, 18mm. I’m going to be working on some AB miniatures. That sudden interest led me to become interested in also doing an army for LaSalle in 10mm. And both of those combined, lus the upcoming GhengisCon convention, spurred a renewed interest in doing some more with my 28mm figures that are filling my shelves. Too many projects, not enough time…

But at least it means some painting is gonna get done!

Over the next few months, barring distractions, keep an eye out for some 15mm British and early period French, as well as a diorama or two in 28mm. And perhaps some dabbling in 10mm, though those will most definately be painted strictly “wargame quality”.

And if you’re interested in Napoleonic gaming, definately take a look at LaSalle. Probably the best set of rules that have come my way, well, ever. I’d write up more, but there are plenty of reviews online. Look into it if you have the time.

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