52nd Regiment of Foot (Light Infantry), 18mm, for LaSalle

I finished my first battalion for the British Light Division force I’m building for LaSalle. These are all AB miniatures. A couple of disclaimers-

1. Yes, I know, light units didn’t generally have drummers. But I had exactly enough figures for the unit, including the drummer, so I just went with it.

2.- Cross belts should most likely be buff, but I started in white, and decided I liked the way the white “popped” from normal viewing distance better than the buff.

3. Still waiting on my GMB flags for these guys. They should be here soon.

There was a bit of rush on these….I have about 300-ish that I need to paint, so these aren’t what I would call my “best”, but all in all, I was pleasantly suprised with how they turned out, and am pretty satisfied. The fact that AB miniatures are so well sculpted and detailed goes a long way to making them look good.


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2 thoughts on “52nd Regiment of Foot (Light Infantry), 18mm, for LaSalle

    • Thanks HB. Trying to find a balance between making them look as good as I want to and being able to get enough of them on the table so I can play the game is tough, but I think these guys are a pretty good compromise. Though, sheeesh, they’re a pain to paint. Thank goodness I’m doing the Light Division, so I’ve got Light, Line, Rifle, Cazadores, Artillery, Cavalry…all different kinds of uniforms to paint…else I think I would start throwing miniatures and paints against the wall.


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