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I added a link for Raven Painting in the U.K..  Not only is it a great looking painting service, but the photos on the site are very inspirational. I also added a link to Sascha Herm’s website. Sascha is, hands down, one of the best miniature painters I’ve seen anywhere, and I find alot of great ideas just from browsing the pictures there.

3 thoughts on “New Links Added

  1. Hey, gonna post here, though its sort of irrelevant to the above entry: I’m a huge fan of your work here, marvelous stuff! I’m an avid painter myself and have been gaming for quite some time, but I’m new to Napoleonic gaming. My efforts in researching some good rules for 28mm scale battles have left me with Shako II as nearly the only option. Recommend any others? Have I missed some entry here regarding that? Just searching for a good, not-so-complex set of rules that is entertaining, rather than nitpicking on the methods of forming squares for an hour.

    My main issue is the basing systems, I don’t want to order / start painting these suckers and realize after the fact that I needed four-to-a-base instead of three (Or something)!

    • Hey Andrew

      No wherever you like. Everyone else (including myself) does as well heheh. I’m glad you like the site.

      Up until about a month ago, everything my group was doing was aimed towards playing with Shako II. It’s a very solid and fun set of rules, and I don’t fault them for anything, really. Shako has a few touches that I really like, but some that make larger games between multiple players a little tougher. The written orders using a drawn map of the battlefield can lead to confusion sometimes (“Exactly where is that arrow on your map in relationship to that corner of the forest” sort of thing). But the aide-d-campe system where changing a units orders can only be done by sending out an aide with new orders is really alot of fun. Up until recently, Shako II was hands-down my favorite ruleset until…


      This is my favorite ruleset, not only in Napoleonics, but in just about any genre. The game plays fast and the rules are easy to grasp, but the realism and “feel” of the period are there, and there’s alot more depth in the game than seems immediately apparant. The game uses an army list system that’s fantastic for pick-up games and tournaments, while still making historical scenarios very doable. The other nice thing about the army lists is it makes putting together your force very straightforward. Basing is a breeze, because measurments are done in basewidths, so any base size works as long as boths sides are based the same. There are suggested base-sizes, but again, these are just suggestions (though they are good suggestions…). The scale is the same as Shako II as well…you’ll end up playing roughly a division of troops, with each unit representing a battalion.

      In our local game club, before LaSalle there were about 4 of us actively interested in Napoleonics. Since the release of LaSalle, we have had over 15 plyers jump on board. People who have never played a Napoleonic game before. It’s just that accesible. We’ve gone from a passing interest to planning our first LaSalle tournament/game-day in a few months.

      There are much better reviews than I can write around the web, but a good place to start is Sam Mustafa’s Honour System site for LaSalle. It looks like you and I have the same idea in what to look for in a fun Napoleonics game,
      from what you’ve described about what your looking for, so I think Lassalle is probably the perfect ruleset for you.


      • Much obliged, and duly noted! I’ll come back and bug you in the future if I run into any Napoleonic issues that need addressing, as you seem to be a good authority on being a regular dude, and having an even keel on gaming issues!

        Keep up the work!

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