French 1813 Carabinier Bugler

This was originally going to be part of the Carabinier diorama, but some friends convinced me that I should try and enter it in the single-historical category at the GhengisCon painting competition. I’m not really satisfied with the basing, but not sure if I would do more damage by tearing it up and starting over. We’ll see how it goes-

3 thoughts on “French 1813 Carabinier Bugler

  1. I like them and also the basing. The only thing are those wooden trays, they seem a little bit distracting to me. Are these from Perry Miniatures?

    • It’s actually just one miniature, with the photos of different angles combined into one picture. It’s a Perry miniature, from the French Heavy Cavalry box set.

      The bugler’s base is just a wooden wheel that I stained. Not sure if I like it as a base though- I agree, it’s somewhat distracting. And the shape doesn’t seem right. I should probably just do a simple base. If I have time before the convention, I’ll redo it, if not, I’ll go ahead and leave it as-is and hope for the best.

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