GhengisCon 2010 Painting Competition Entries

Well, another painting competition has come and gone, and I my entries didn’t do too badly. Some suprises, but all in all a great experience. There were some fantastic entries this year, and alot of competition, which is good. The best part was the level of participation by historical painters. I hope this points to an increase in historical involvement, and more catagories and awards aimed specifically at them.

This year there was both a trophy competition and a medal or “open” competition. In the Trophy competition, entries had a possibiltiy of winning 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in their catagory, with a trophy going to 1st place. In the Medal or “Open” type of format entries were not judged against the other entries but how they compared to the judges’ standards. This is the format used at the MMSI show in Chicago and is often referred to as the Chicago Format or System. In place of the traditional gaming convention trophy based on category, an entry can be awarded a Certificate of Merit, Pewter, Bronze, Silver or Gold medal.  Every entry competed in both types of judging, but only one trophy or medal was awarded to each person in each catagory.

Here’s how I did-

Historical/ Modern Single Figure- 1st Place and a Bronze Medal in the Painter/Single Open category

Carabinier Bugler, 28mm Perry Miniatures Plastic

Units, Non-Vehicle- 1st Place

52nd Regt. Of Foot, Based for LaSalle, 18mm AB Miniatures Metal

Machines of War- 2nd Place and a Bronze Medal in the Painter- Armor/Ordanance Category

French 1815 Artillery, 28mm Perry Miniatures Metal

Diorama/Vignette- 2nd Place and a Bronze Medal in the Painter- Open Category

Carabiniers in the Snow, 28mm Perry Miniatures Plastic-

And now back to painting for fun and games for awhile :), I’ll probably remove the Carabiniers from their diorama and single base (I’m not crazy about the diorama anyway), and rebase them, along with 4 more Carabiniers, for 28mm LaSalle, and remove the 15mm British from their display as well.



4 thoughts on “GhengisCon 2010 Painting Competition Entries

  1. Congratulations!

    Great looking figures. Your painting style has evolved since I started your blog and your paint jobs is some of the best I’ve seen.

    Keep it up!

  2. Congratulations, some lovely painting and presentation. You really do show much improvement with every new figure.

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