95th Regiment of Foot (Riflemen), 18mm for Lasalle

Finished my next battalion for my Lasalle British Light Infantry Division army, the 95th Regt.. I did enough skirmish stand to cover all the optional deployments- Full Deployment with 3 skirmish stands, half battallion with 3 skirmish stands plus 2 skirmish stands to assign to different units, or split totally into skirmishers with 6 skirmish stands. I based them in irregular formation of 5 figures per stand, simply because it was simpler. When in regular formation, ill set them up in base-to-base contact, and when deployed as irregulars I’ll just seperate the stands a bit.

The mounted officer is a head-swap from a 95th officer and an RHA mounted officer. All figures are AB minitaures 18mm.

15 thoughts on “95th Regiment of Foot (Riflemen), 18mm for Lasalle

    • Allan-

      Thanks. AB miniatures are just fantastic to paint.

      Lasalle approaches a unit like the 95th (or any large unit of rifles..the Lasalle Army Builder list is generic. One of the units available in the Light Division list is “Rifles”) this way-

      Being a large battalion, it has 6 stands instead of 4. It also has an assigned value of 3 skirmishers. Skirmishers in Lasalle are abstracted- they give bonuses to fire and defense. Using stands is optional- one could keep track of the shirmish value seperately. But our group is using the stands, which I prefer anyway. They don’t count as taking up any space on the table, can be moved around the parent unit as necessary, are just a representation of the SK value.

      A large battalion with 3 skirmishers can deploy as a regular formed unit with it’s SK3 value, or it can deploy as a “half” battalion. In this case, 2 stands are removed, and replaced by 2 skirmishers which can be assigned to any other unit in the army to increase their SK value. The battalion is deployed as 4 stands with it’s 3 skirmishers. The last way it can deploy (again, because of its SK3 value) in irregular formation, which gives it a bonus fighting in rough terrain, though it’s at a disadvantage in open terrain combat. This flexibility really reflects the usefulness of a unit like the 95th, anbd it’s ability to fight with tactics called for by the situation, a flexibility that a normal line battalions wouldn’t have. The other benefit of rifles…when they are in regular formation, they get what’s called a “Rifle Volley”, and can fire twice the range of a standard unit.

      It’s a very nice sytem for this scale of game and workes very well. It maintains the importance of skirmishers, especially units trained to deploy large numbers of them, without cluttering up the table too much or slowing down the pace of the game.

  1. Scott,

    Those look really good. You are making me want to ditch the British Guard plan and go with the Light Division!

    • Thanks!

      The Light Division is definately my favorite. Not only is the Lasalle Army Builder list close enough to the actual division that it’s easy to make a historically close force, but from a painting point of view it’s interesting to work on. 2 light battalions, 2 line battalions, the rifles, 2 battalions of Portuguese cazadores, and royal horse artillery…lots of different uniforms and colors. Add light dragoons, hussars, and Portuguese line in support, and it’s just a blast to plan and paint. And with all the high SK value units, it’s going to be very flexible to deploy, and with rifles and elite infantry, a tough little force to play against.

    • Thank you! I’ll try to post something this evening on how these were based and flocked.


  2. Alright…how I did the bases for this unit.

    The wooden bases themselves are Litko bases.

    .I mixed some plaster with some Umber paint- the kind you buy in big tubes from a hobby supply store. This, obviously, makes the plaster brown and saves any white spots that might be left if I painted it after. It just makes things simpler for me. I also paint the bases of the miniatures with this same color.

    I spread a thin layer of the plaster on the Litko base. I then put a small drop of white glue or super glu on the bottom of each miniature base, and then place the miniature where I want it on the Litko base. I use a toothpick to even out the plaster onto the base of the miniature. I do this for all the miniatures that will be on the stand, then let it dry.

    The next step is the gravel. I use a mix of moedelling sand and small pumice to give an uneven ground cover. I water doesn some white glie, spread it all over the stand, then dip it into the gravel mix. I tap off the excess, and then let it dry.

    After drying, sometimes I will paint and highlight the gravel, but this time I didn’t. The color was fine for me as it was.

    Static grass comes next. I used 2 kinds, both by Gale Force Nine- Straw and Winter/Dead. I have made a 50/50 mix of the 2 in it’s own container. I water down some more white glue, and cover about 50% of the stand, scatter the mix static grass on top off the excess. I also blow on the stand after this to get the grass to stand better. After this dries, I use the glue on a couple spots and sprinkle on some Straw, and then do the same after more dyring with the Winter/Dead. The idea is to give a couple subtle shades of grass on the base. I generally don’t leave mich of the original gravel mix showing underneath.

    The final step is to attach a couple tufts of Silfor Buffolo Grass, in this case the autumn shade.

    The whole idea for this particular unit is to give the impression of dry Spanish climate.


  3. Hi Scott,

    What made you choose to do Lasalle in 15mm instead of 28mm?

    I just ordered Lasalle and am torn between the two. The Perry Bros have just released details for their 28mm French Hussars which does not make it any easier as Perry Bros, Front Rank, Calpe and Victrix make great 28mm models and AB make great 15mm models.



    • Hey Allan

      Honestly, I’m doing 15mm because my entire gaming group here jumped on the 15mm bandwagon when Lasalle came out. Before, we had about 6 people working on 28mm for Quatre Bras. After Lasalle, we suddenly had about 20 people wanting to play Napoleonics, including many who had never considered the genre before, and wanting to get into it quickly and cheaply. It basically came down to “If I want to play with my club, it’s going to have to be 15mm”

      That being said, 28mm is still my favorite, the Perry range is my favorite in 28mm, and I am still working on those as well, along with others who had started in 28mm also. Now we’re working on our Quatre Bras forces, but basing them for Lasalle, and adding additional units to our “Historical” forces so that we can play army-builder pick-up games with Lasalle. For example, I’m working on the French 6th Division, but I’ve also got boxes of the Perry French Dragoons to make a dragoon brigade so I can use them in an Lasalle army builder game.

      In my opinion, depending on where you are and who you game with of course, I would suggest doing an army in 15mm just because I think it’s going to be the most common scale by far for tournaments and club game days. And then also find some players who are interested in 28mm to do that as a big project. I wouldn’t invest in a 28mm army unless you know you have someone to play against, or unless you just want to paint one (or a combination of the two like me heheh)


  4. Hi Scott,

    I am lucky as a mate is happy to do either 15mm or 28mm which makes me happy and to date we are the only players locally.

    Would there be much figure wastage buying Victrix (60 Figure), Perry boxes?

    e.g. If I buy Perry Dragoons will I only need half the box?

    I have a Victrix Colonels on Horseback and Pioneer on Foot highlander models I am test painting. I was thinking maybe 1x Box of Victrix British Centre Company box, 1x British FLank Compnay Box and 1x box of Victrix Highlanders would give me all the arms (for Grenadier and light Infantry models etc..) for a half dozen Infantry regiments. On the plus side Victrix is releasing plastic Artillery for the British soon.

    Thanks again for the help!

    • Hi Allan

      In that case, if it’s only the two of you, and you really enjoy the painting and presentaion aspect of the hobby, and have space for large tables, I’d definately do 28mm. For me, it’s just a really satisfying endevour. With 15mm, I find myself rushing just to get finished. With 28mm, I enjoy the process, the technique, challenging myself with different painting styles, and just sitting back and looking at the finished result.

      As far as what you need, well, it’s going to depend on how many figures per stand/stands per unit you’re planning on doing.

      Our group, for 28mm infantry, is doing 6 figures per stand, 4 stands for a regular battalion, 6 stands for a large. So depending, it’ll take 24 or 32 figures per unit.

      With cavaly, we’re doing 2 figures per stand, 4 stands for a regular sized unit, 6 for a large, so it’ll take either 8 or 12 figures per unit.

      We’re basically using the basing scheme from page 5 of the Lasalle rulebook (top row) with 2″ square bases.

      I have 2 boxes of Perry Dragoons, which gives me enough figures for 3 units (13 mounted figures in each box), but unfortunately only enough command figures (bugler and standard bearer) for 2. I may pick up more boxes later on, or just skip it and model a unit with no standard bearer.

      The Victrix figures are fantastic as well..the only problem I’ve run into them with out basing scheme is the poses of the figures…it’s hard to get 6 figures on a stand. But this isn’t a big hiccup, and can be worked around.

      A good rule of thumb that I’ve adopted is to do 4 figures on the “end” stands as flank companies. So in a 24 figure unit, 8 are flank and the rest are centre/command figures.

      Of course, by lowering the figure count, you could really stretch a plastic box set into a larger number of units. It just depends on the “look” you want and how many boxes you’re comfortable buying. For us, because the 28mm figures are a long term project while we try and quickly finish our 15mm, I can take the time and buy a box here and a box there. If ALL I was doing was 28mm though, I’d probably adjust the unit size down to make it easier to get started in the game sooner.


  5. Scott,
    You rifle unit is hypnotizing. I can spend hours looking at the details. It is an impressive work of art. Congratulations !


    • Francisco,
      Thank you very much! Of the 15-18mm units I’ve painted, this is definitely my favorite. Unfortunately, with the rush to complete armies within a reasonable time so that can game with them, I usually don’t have enough time to put in the detail I did with the 95th rifles. Too much to paint, and never enough time to do it al 🙂

      thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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