Victrix French Colonel

Well, break time is over. To get back into painting, I worked on this Victrix Miniatures 28mm French Colonel, which I’m basing for Lasalle as a subcommander. I tried a more intricate (and time-consuming) blending technique that I’m pretty happy with, but horses are still a struggle for me…something I’ll have to keep practicing.


4 thoughts on “Victrix French Colonel

  1. Looking very, good.

    Is that a Victrix Horse as well?

    The pose is really nice. The White colour is extremely well done. I can imagine him yelling out orders to the troops 🙂

  2. Thanks Allan

    Yeah the horse is Victrix. I’m not crazy about the details…it’s very smooth, without much muscle definition, which makes it tougher for me to paint, but the pose is perfect for the rider.

    And thank you very much for the compliment on the white. That was the main goal of painting this- to get the white down. I spent quite a few hours blending numerous highlights and shades to get it, and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. That one color made the whole figure worhtwhile.


  3. Stunning miniature. I totally agree with Allan’s comment above about the pose. But it’s not only the rider, the horse is extremely well modeled, the horses are often a bit of a let down in comparison with the riders but not in this case.

    Thanks for sharing,

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  4. Thanks Sigmar.

    I agree. The horse and rider were definately scuplted as “one”, and make the whole thing effective. I still wish there was a little more definition in the horse to work with, but it’s a small matter compared to having the whole thing work together so well.


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