French 4th Hussars Trumpeter

This is from the Perry Miniatures French Hussar box set, painted as a trumpeter of the 4th Hussars. I had more fun working on this guy than anything else in a long time. Just a fantastic set of miniatures. I’m feeling rather inspired to do one from each Hussar Regiment.


5 thoughts on “French 4th Hussars Trumpeter

  1. Beautiful work, I loe the colours and his gloves are superb and the red and blue is gorgeous.

  2. Hi Hakim

    Well, if I remember correctly, After blending down from base color to shade (I don;t recall the paints I used…figure a mid grey to a dark grey), I then gave it a wash of watered down GW Badab Black. I stipled on the highlight colors for the dappled spotting, and then blended on very thinned down paint (like a glaze or filter) of the lightest colors over it, working up to the highest spots.

    Probably not that much help…sorry. I usually write down the steps, but for some reason I didn’t do that for this miniature. The Games Workshop website has a great set of instructions for painting horses that is the basis for how I paint mine- here’s a link-


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