More 15mm Lasalle- RHA Battery

Still working on my 15mm Lasalle British Light Infantry Division force. I’ve finished 3 more units, but two don’t have the bases finished yet. Here’s one of the Royal Horse Artillery batteries I’ll be using.

6 thoughts on “More 15mm Lasalle- RHA Battery

  1. Some lovely painting on these and you are improving with every post. Always a real pleasure to see your work. HB

  2. HB! You live! I was starting to worry about you! 🙂

    thanks for the compliment. These guys turned out all right. The hussar in the previous post, though, is one of my favorites and the closest I’ve gotten to “what I want” and ” what I can actually do”

    my favorite right now, though, is a diorama I did. I pulled down the post when I entered it in the current Steve Dean Painting Competition. It was highly inspired by your work, so you’ll probably recognize it. I’ll let it run it’s course there, and then repost it here.

    Good to see you, and hope to see some new pictures on your site soon.


    • Thanks Carol! Alot of it is hit or miss for me. If I can manage the patience and the time, every once in awhile I’ll paint something I really like, but more often than not I finish something with an exasperated “all right, that’s it, I’m done” heheh. Hopefully, though, I’m getting better. It seems to be a constant learning process, and just when I think I’ve figured out the perfect technique, I learn something new.


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