English Civil War Officer

So kicking and screaming (alright, not really), I’ve been dragged into painting and gaming English Civil War miniatures. It wasn’t a hard sale…It’s a period I’ve always been interested in, and Warlord Games has some outstanding figures for really good prices. We’ll be gaming with the Warhammer English Civil War rules for now, and I’m going to be putting together a Royalist army, based around Price Rupert’s Blew Regiment and the King’s Lifeguard of Foote Regiment .

I decided to try out using Army Painter on this army, and I have been amazed with the results. I’ve been following a ton of advice and tips from David at Saxon Dog on how he does figures with Army Painter (His units are simply amazing), and the advice has been fantastic! Basically, the Army Painter shade isn’t used like a dip. Once the colors are block-painted on the figure, the shade is brushed on more like a glaze, or a controlled wash. After drying and matte coating (I like to matte at this point…it’s easier for me to see details), the highlights are painted, mostly using the original colors. It could certianly be highlighted even more. And though it does save time, it becomes more than that…it’s just a really pleasing style to look at and to paint.

This is the first figure I’ve completed. I wanted to test out the color choices and techinque on one miniature before tackling the first unit. I’ve painted him as an officer in the King’s Lifguard of Foote Regiment.

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