French 9th Hussars Officer

Another Hussar from the Perry French Hussar box set, this time done as an officer of the 9th Hussars.



2 thoughts on “French 9th Hussars Officer

  1. Very nice I really like the gold and the horseflesh. Now just a question what is that white stuff near where the torso and the legs connect? I love these hussars I just had a tough time painting them, but I used David Imrie technique on my spartans and it looks great!

  2. The white is his swordbelt. I guess it does look odd in the photo. I hadn’t noticed before. Maybe I screwed it up. Looked fine, and now I’m not sure. I’ll see if I can find a better picture. The torso and legs of the model connect there, right below the barrel sash, and the belt is a bit exageratted. Glad that technique is working for you.


    edit- Figured it out. I misinterpreted the mold like in the front (for some reason iit’s very shallow), and didn’t bring the jacket down and under. Grrr… thats gonna drive me nuts! 🙂 Oh well, next time I know what to look for.

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