28mm Lasalle Objective- “Reporting to Marshal Ney”

I entered this little diorama in the Steve Dean Forum Painting Competition, and managed to get through to the semi-finals, so I’m pretty happy about that. I had posted it here for a day, right before entering, but thought it better to take it down until I was knocked out of the competition.

The scene depicts something completely out of my imagination, of course, but it could have happened I suppose- The evening before the Battle of Quatre Bras, French Guard Cavalry probing the Quatre Bras crossroads clashed with Dutch-Belgian (Nassau) troops. The next morning, as the left wing of the French Army marches towards Quatre Bras, guard officers report to Marshal Ney the positions of those Dutch-Belgian units. So it’s probably a bit of a stretch, but it makes for a nice diorama.

 I made this to be my 28mm Lasalle objective. The figures are all Perry Miniatures, and the tree and fence were made by me (the fence is made of matchsticks, the tree was a kit I purchased at a local model train store). I’ve mounted it on a 3″x3″ base for gaming, though I may mount the whole thing again on a display base. I’ll probably enter this in the painting competition at TactiCon ’10 in September.

click images for larger pictures-

Here’s a couple pictures taken a few days after the collage one’s were…thanks Lee!


10 thoughts on “28mm Lasalle Objective- “Reporting to Marshal Ney”

    • Thanks Rafa!

      Yes, i’ll be using it as my objective marker in Lasalle. I thought a high command would make a good objective.


  1. Excellent work may I ask what colour you used for the blue on the great coat and Ney as I have yet to find one I am happy with for my new French project.

    • Hi Robert

      Sorry for the delay in my response. WordPress didn’t let me me know you had left a comment.

      The blue on these particular French coats is done with the Andrea Blue set, done in very thin blended layers over a white primer, starting with the base color, then working down to the darkest shade and then back up to the highest highlight.

      I’ve also had trouble finding blue for the French that I’m satisfied with. These are what I was looking for, but it was amazingly time consuming to do. For units I would probably use the same Andrea Blue set, but skip some of the steps, and use the second to darkest shade, base, and second to lightest highlight in the set.


    • Vallejo Gold, then wash with GW devlan mud, then wash with GW gryphonne sepia, then highlight with Vallejo gold, then 50/50 Vallejo gold and silver, then final highlight with Vallejo silver.


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