TactCon ’10

Well another TactiCon has come and gone. I had two entries in the painting competition- “4th Hussars Trumpeter”, which took a bronze in the Painter catagory, and “Reporting to Marshal Ney”, which took a silver in the Open catagory.

I also played a round in the Lasalle tournament, using an Empire French army (my British Light Division still isn’t finished). I was badly trounced, but it was good fun.

Here’s a couple photos from the game.


5 thoughts on “TactCon ’10

  1. Congratulations on your silver and bronze mate !.

    Ah! And I regret your defeat in the battlefield

    It’s a shame that we are so far to measure our forces in the battlefield!!!
    Of course I would win Archduke Charles!jajajaja!!!!!

    Cheers mate!

  2. Thanks Rafa.

    Hopefully I can come up something that can win gold at the next convention. But overall I’m pretty pleased with winning my first silver.

    It is a shame we can’t get a game together. You need to come visit the USA sometime, and bring your army so I can have a chance to destroy it HAHAHA!

    Someday I’m going to go to Europe for Salute. Maybe then we can gat a game together…


  3. OK, We will soon see the faces,in my vocabulary the word defeat not exist jajajaja!!!!!!!!!!.

    Regards from your friend of Málaga.

    • Thanks HB! I’ve fallen into a painting rut since this..I sprained my wrist, and haven’t picked up a brush in over a month. Eventually, though…

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