Some News

Warhammer Historical will be releasing a new set of 28mm Napoleonic rules sometime in the near future, and I was fortunate enough to be asked to have photos of some of my miniatures included in the book! I spent a couple weeks on and off in October reshooting some of my stuff for the book.

I’m not sure exactly what will be used, but I gave photos of “Reporting to Marshall Ney”, “Charge of the Brunswick Hussars”, “French Line Infantry”, “Jerome Bonaparte and Staff”, some photos of the French Hussars, French Artillery, and some French Carabiniers.

Really exciting stuff for me, and I’m thrilled I was even approached on this. All I know (or an say at the moment) is that it’ll be a big book, and it should be out in 2011. I’ll post more info once I know more.


One thought on “Some News

  1. And fine work it was too! I think we’ll end up using all the models you supplied pics for – thanks very much for all your hard work 🙂


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