Ending my Hiatus

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve had the time or motivation to do much painting, but I finally picked up my brushes a few days ago and started doing some work. So I should have some things to post shortly…first a single miniature that I’m working on right now to get back into the “feel” of things, and then I’ll start working on my first large size commission piece. It should be interesting and time consuming…I’ve been asked to create a Waterloo chess set using Perry Miniatures. I’m looking forward to diving into that, and I’ll post pictures as I work on it over the next few months.



6 thoughts on “Ending my Hiatus

  1. Hello Scott

    While casting about for some interesting figure to paint, I came across Perry plastics somehow, and that led me to your page eventually, after researching as much as I could regarding 28mm Napoleonics. I was never interested in 28mm, painting only 54’s, 90’s, and the occassional 120. The proportions seemed a little too troll-like for my taste (huge bayonets, etc.), I use oils, and I had no interest in gaming.
    Long story short, I found the Perrys to be a delight, and I’m about halfway through my 33éme infanterie de ligne. And the reason I’m telling you all this is that your figures are superb and beautifully done, and a standard by which I measure my own 28s, not to mention that your site is nicely presented, full of information, and fun to look at. Keep up the fine work, and since I reside in Littleton, I might want to see an actual game take place some time.

    Best regards,

    R. Dean

    • Thank you for the comments. I would love to see some of your work sometime…if you work in oils and large scales, I imagine some of your figures are simply superb. I’ve always hesitated painting larger scale, simply because I don’t think I could pull it off. Someday, though…Andrea Miniatures makes some figures that I think are amazing.

      You should definately come join us for a game sometime…I can usually be found at Attactix on Sundays (not as much lately, but I’ll be going more often again). Most of the people I game with enjoy 15-18mm, so much of my 28mm painting is simply for my own enjoyment. But because I like to paint units, and because I do have a couple of friends who also want to play larger scale armies someday, I continue to slowly put together a 28mm army for the Lasalle ruleset. If we never get a chance to play at that scale, that’s fine. The painting is the real joy for me.

      WIll you be dropping by GhegisCon this next weekend? I may have a thing or two in the painting competition, and I should be hanging around on Friday and Sunday in the painting room chatting it up and possibly getting some things painted.


    • I just had a chance to stop by your website. The work you have posted there is moving, brilliant, and simply amazing. And the music is beautiful. I certainly do hope I get an opportunity to see what you are doing with your miniatures.


      • Hey, thanks for the kind words. I’m afraid that I’m unaware of GhengisCon and what that is, but if it’s a show of some kind, I’d consider it just to see some of yours and other people’s stuff.
        It’s funny that you mentioned Attactix. I haven’t visited that place in quite a long time, but I used to buy a lot of stuff there. It’s pretty far from home, but I’ve been thinking recently about trekking to Aurora to see what’s up. I entered their painting comp in 1999 and won Best of Show, Master’s, Historical Group, and Mounted. Shortly thereafter I quit miniatures and started painting things I could more easily sell, but as I told you, lately I’ve got the bug again, and was ready to purchase ($270) that fabulous 90mm hussar from Andrea (from the famous painting) when I discovered that I could have an entire regiment of French infantry for $24. I have added a few metal Perrys to fill it out.
        Send me the info for the show please, if you would. Among other things, I want to find out what you’ll be using for the Nap chess set.



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