GenghisCon ’11

So far this has been a great convention this year. I entered two pieces in the painting competiton-

My Mounted French Colonel brought home a silver medal.

The cuirassier unit won a bronze medal, and also took 1st Place in the “Unit” catagory.

I was probably most pleased with the cuirassier unit. It’s the style I want to paint all my french gaming army in, and it was nice to see that it went over well. Thank to David Imrie at Saxon Dog for the technique.

Of note were some entries by friends that I thought were outstanding. Bill Kehrman’s Panzergenadiers won a bronze, and they are very well done. And Kris Marquardt did an amazing French Hussar for the Master Class category, and won a silver. Hopefully they’ll both let me post some pictures of their work here.

I also got the opportuinity meet Richard Dean. He is a brilliant artist and musician, and just an all-around fun guy to spend time with. He just recently started painting 28mm miniatures, and his work, which he paints in oils, is astounding. I’ll post some pictures of his French Line in the next day or two.

Tomorrow I’ll be taking some painting classes, and I’m really looking forward to that. These guys who teach are superb painters, and it’s great that they spend so much time with others teaching their methods and helping them take their painting to the “next level”. I hope to take away alot of good info from the experience.



3 thoughts on “GenghisCon ’11

    • Hi Larry

      I use the uide from Games Workshop to paint my horses. It can be found here-

      The only thing different is that I add steps…sometimes multiple ones, between the steps listed in the guide. For example, on a Dark Bay, I’ll do scorched brown first. They say the second step is scorched brown + scab red. I’ll do, say, a 75% scorched brown + 25% scab red, then to a 50/50 mix, and so on, taking each step into the highlight very slightly. And using very thinned paint as well…I usually highlight with roughly 4:1 water to paint mixes…sometimes thinner (except the first base coat. I do that a little thicker). Now, this is all for miniatures I’m planning on displaying or maybe entering in a competition. For armies, the basic GW guide works perfectly without any real changes.


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