Photos of Richard Dean’s 28mm French WIP

As I mentioned in my last post, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Richard Dean at GhengisCon this last weekend.He was nice enough to take the time to drive up to see my miniatures in the competition, meet some people, and spend some time checking out the Con. He managed to score a couple of great deals on some Napoleonic books as well.

Richard is an incredibly talented artist and Emmy nominated musician. You can see some of his work at his website here, and listen to some of his recordings here  (I love his music). Beyond that, he is just a really cool, fun guy to hang out with, and I was really fortunate to get a little of his time.

Richard told me that before he started painting on canvas around 2000, he painted large scale miniatures (54mm+), and won Best of Show, Master’s, Historical Group, and Mounted at Attactix in Aurora, Colorado (my local game store) in 1999, but that he hasn’t painted any miniatures since then, until recently purchasing some Perry Miniatures. He paints in oils, which is completely beyond my feeble talents, and the result is just some of the most amazing miniatures I’ve seen.

He was nice enough to send me a few pictures of some of his 28mm French WORK IN PROGRESS. These aren’t finished yet. He said they still need some touch ups and flat varnishing. But I was so blown away by the pictures, I thought I’d go ahead and post them. And hopefully once he has completely finished, he’ll send me some more to post.

5th Hussars Officer

5th Hussars Trooper

5th Hussar (Unfinished)

French Line

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