Warhammer Empire Swordsman

I’m still on my fantasy miniatures kick, but I wanted to paint some miniatures that were a little more “historical”, so I decided to work on some Imperial soldiers for Warhammer Fantasy Battles.This Champion Swordsman is from Games Workshop.

For those who aren’t familiar, the Empire figures are based, loosely, on 16th Century German Landsknechts. –

“The Landsknechts were mercenary pikemen and supporting foot soldiers who were conspicuous for their elaborate dress, which they adopted from the Swiss, but later took to even more dramatic excess. Doublets, deliberately slashed at the front, back and sleeves with shirts and other wear pulled through to form puffs of different-colored fabric, so-called “puffed and slashed”; parti-colored hose (or Gesses); jerkins (or Lederwams); ever-broader flat beret-type hats (or Tellerbarrets) with tall feathers; and broad flat shoes, made them bodies of men that could not be mistaken.” –Wikipedia

My Imperial troops, who represent soldiers from the Grand County of Stirland, will be a mix of this style and of a style slightly more Swiss (less puffy). This is because Stirland is described as an agrarian province, often thought by the rest of the Empire to be a backwater. I’m reflecting this by keeping their clothing just a little out of “style” and outdated. But the wealthier soldiers, such as this champion, can afford to be a little more lavish in their costuming than their fellows, so some individuals and even units will have a more Landsknecht look. The “official” colors of Stirland are green (more of an olive) and yellow, which I’m going to represent as in this figure, using a dark olive and an ivory.

I’ll be using mostly Perry Miniatures for my army, from their War of the Roses lines of figures. The nice thing about using them is not only do they look fantastic, but I can use them in historical games as well. This particular figure, though, is from the Games Workshop Greatsword set, which I also think is a very nice set of miniatures.

3 thoughts on “Warhammer Empire Swordsman

  1. Hi

    Is this a conversion you made, and if so, what parts did you use? It looks great.

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