Upcoming Stuff

Believe it or not, I have been painting. I just haven’t had anything to post yet. For the last month or so my painting time (which has been slim) has been devoted to working on a competition piece. I’m entering it in the Steve Dean Forum Competition, and I’ll post it here once that’s finished.

In the meantime though…Lot’s of English Civil War a-comin’! My gaming/painting group has put together a n escalation league for the Field of Glory: Renaissance rules and the Wars of Religion supplement. We begin with 400 point armies, and then progress from the for future games to 600 point, then 800, etc. The idea being that everyone in the group has armies they can play against everyone by a certain date, and then adding to that over time. It all kicks off at the end of summer, so I have alot of painting to do. I’ll post photos as I finish units.


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