King’s Lifeguard of Foote

My first completed English Civil War unit, the King’s Lifeguard of Foote, which is the start of an army for the Field of Glory:Renaissance ruleset, using the Wars of Religion supplement.  Since quitting smoking last month, I’ve actually made quite a bit of headway in my painting. It’s a great way to keep myself occupied. I actually have two more red-coated units on the verge of being finished as well (they all started off a one large unit until the group decided on these rules which use less figures per unit…so lots of redcoats almost ready to go), and should have some more pictures to post in over the next week or so. These are Warlord Games 28mm miniatures.

This is a really fascinating era to model and paint for me, simply because my knowledge of the events and military history of the Seventeenth Century and the English Civil Wars is superficial at best, so I’m doing quite a bit of research and learning new things every day.

2 thoughts on “King’s Lifeguard of Foote

    • Thanks Christopher! I wish I had a better camera. There’s actually alot more contrast than the photo seems to show. I used the Army Painter method you and David Imrie are so good at. But the photos don’t pick up alot of that shading.

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