Work in Progress…Rupert’s Blew Regiment

So far I’m 2 units in to my English Civil War Royalist Army, with The King’s Lifeguard of Foote and Prince Rupert’s Firelocks finished, and so it’s onto the unit I was most looking forward to working on, Prince Rupert’s Blew Regiment (yes…that’s how “blew” is spelled in this case 🙂 ). I was fortunate enough to be able to get ahold of a number of Renegade Miniatures figures. They’re about impossible to find here in the States and quite pricey to ship from England, but I found someone who was closing out their stock some time ago and snagged a bunch up. The Renegade figures are just fantastic, and I’m really enjoying painting them.

The regiment at various stages of completion

In the picture above are all the figures for the regiment. In the right rear are a number primed black waiting to be painted, while in front of them are 3 that are finished. The left half are figures that have been block painted and glazed with Army Painter Strong Tone.

Once these have completely dried (I usually wait at least 2 days), I’ll matte varnish them, and then paint in the highlights.

These three figures have been highlighted and matted, and are just waiting to be based. Depending on the color, I did anywhere from none to 3 highlights.

With any luck, I’ll have the regiment finished and based by the middle of next week.


2 thoughts on “Work in Progress…Rupert’s Blew Regiment

    • Thanks! It really is a fun way to paint. And the results never cease to surprise me. Everything ends up with these vivid contrasts and a unifying tone. Definitely the way I will paint most of my large units from here on out.


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