Prince Rupert’s Blew Regiment of Foote

Finished my next English Civil War unit, Price Rupert’s Blew Regiment. This has probably been my favorite group of miniatures I’ve painted in any genre or scale. The Renegade 28mm figures are just fantastic sculpts and are great fun to work with


In game terms, the infantry and pike stands are the only one that actually count as part of the unit-

Because not very many figures are used in “Field of Glory:Renaissance” rules, I didn’t want to use up space on the unit bases with command figures instead of pikemen, so I mounted the command on its own round base. During the game, I’ll just move it out of the way as necessary.

Again, these have been some of my favorite figures to paint (and I still have 2 more regiments worth to work on). Here’s a couple of individual stand photos with some figures that I liked the look of once they were done.


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