“Waterloo” Project, Pt.1

After having a chance to read further into the rules, and after talking it over with some members of my gaming club,  I’ve decided to fold my Quatre Bras project ideas into the “Waterloo” ruleset. The rules just seem like a lot of fun, and are spot-on for the type of Napoleonic gaming our club wants to do with 28mm figures. We all still enjoy Lasalle, and will keep working on and playing that in 15mm, but for 28mm I know at least one other  is completely on board with “Waterloo”, and 3 or 4 others are very interested as well.

Because I want to keep open the possibility of someday playing out at least part of the Battle of Quatre Bras with 28mm miniatures, I’ll stick to my plan 0of modelling the French 6th Division, and just modify how much I’ll do at a time, and when, to fit with the unit sizes and point scales of “Waterloo”. But because of the purchase system of “Waterloo”, I’ll also be able to try out some other troop types for pick-up games.

After studying the armies in the book we’ve decided that a 1000 point army is good good start point for us, and will give a good, short, and fun game on a 6′ x 4′ table. We figure in the long run, though, that 1500 points will lead to the best balance between what we want on the table, how much space and time we have, and having to juggle which units we can afford to use with our points.

So to start off, I’ll do 3 battalioins of line infantry, representing the 1er Régiment d’Infanterie de Ligne. I’ll also add a battery of Artillery, and round things off with one squadron of the 8ème Régiment de Cuirassiers. Add a couple of independent officers, and that’ll be about 1000 points.

From there I’ll add a couple of battalions of light infantry from 1er Régiment d’Infanterie Légère and a second squadron of Cuirassiers. I’ll base the Légère as light infantry and use them as such in pick up games, but if we do an historical battle I’ll use them as line infantry, which is how they fought in the 100 days.

From there, well, who know? Maybe finish off the Division. Maybe play around with some Guard battalions, or some Peninsular French. Or try my hand at some British. But for now, at least I have a plan.

Now to see if I can get anywhere with it…



2 thoughts on ““Waterloo” Project, Pt.1

  1. Dang, Scott. Don’t you ever sleep?
    This regiment looks great. The mix of figures breaks the sameness of the Perrys (maybe uniformity would be a better word than sameness) and the additions make it uniquely your creation.
    I look forward to observing an actual contest in this format.


    • Thanks Richard

      Well, I quit smoking (3 months now) and that has definitely increased my painting output. Amazing what one can accomplish while trying to avoid cigarette cravings hahah!

      Taking a little extra time to swap a few heads on the models does make a difference. And mixing in a few metal NCOs helps as well.

      Once we have a few units finished you’ll have to come down and join us for a game.


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