“Waterloo” Project pt. 3- Pierre David de Colbert

All right, so this wasn’t actually supposed to be part of the “Waterloo” project. It’s a miniature that’s been sitting half-finished on a shelf for about 9 months that I decided to try out a few painting techniques on, specifically blending up from an Army Painter coat. I wanted to see if I could make individual figures that I’d be satisfied with using Army Painter glazing and highlighting. In the end, I really like the way this turned out, so I went ahead and based him the way I plan on basing all my independent officers for the game.

Then I went a little overboard on the basing and built a smashed fence for him to be jumping over.

And to top it all off, I doubt I’ll ever use the figure in the game, as I’m not planning on painting any French Guard Cavalry units.

But at least I finally finished that darned miniature that’s been sitting half- finished on my shelf for 9 months…

5 thoughts on ““Waterloo” Project pt. 3- Pierre David de Colbert

  1. Thanks everyone. I like the overall “look” of this guy, and I’ll probably paint other command figures in the same style.


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