William III and a General

So I had a urge, some time ago, to paint up some miniatures representing the armies at the Battle of the Boyne, fought  in 1690 between William III and James II. Something about this battle just struck me as interesting. Maybe it was because a Dutch Prince, William, was leading Dutch, Danish, Huguenot, and English troops against French, Irish, and some English troops under James II, fighting in Ireland to determine who would be the King of England. Fascinating stuff! So this is my start to that- King William III and one of his Generals. These are Front Rank Miniatures, 28mm-

William III-


Coming soon for this army, the Dutch Blue Guard. This is all Iain at Flags of War‘s fault. Until I saw his fantastic Williamite Wars flags, I was pretty much oblivious to the whole period. After seeing them, I decided to get a book, which led to another book, which led to this new distraction 🙂




4 thoughts on “William III and a General

    • Me? Distract? Never! I am always completely focused on whatever project I…hey…what’s that…?

    • Thanks. I am really enjoying painting this period. And the Front Rank minis are fantastic. Very easy to make look good. Lot’s of great details to work with.


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