The Hobbyroom WIP

I finally decided to take over my daughter’s old room and turn it into my hobby room/gameroom/den/guestroom. This where things are at the moment, though with the new IKEA having just opened up in town, I imagine it will look quite a bit different, with much more storage, in a few months. It will also double as the sleepover room when my granddaughter stays the night, and as a guestroom whenever family comes to visit. Until now my painting was done at the dining room table or my crowded computer desk in a corner of my room, so this is going to be very nice…


2 thoughts on “The Hobbyroom WIP

  1. Neat! Spacious! Makes me feel as if I’ve got a hobbit workshop!
    Make sure your minis don’t catch too much dust on the shelves before you get your new furniture šŸ˜‰

    As for myself, I had a spare room, but had to make it ready for a baby daughter (expected in about a month)… lol

    • Your absolutely right about the dust on the minis…I need to get those glass display cases from IKEA quickly!

      You’ll have a spare room again soon…in 18 or so years LOL!


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