TactiCon ’11

TactiCon ’11 is this weekend, one of the two large gaming conventions held here in Denver. Once again, I entered into the painting competition sponsored and judged by Colorado Miniature Painting Alliance. My entry was my Skirmishers in the Wilderness diorama-

And, once again, I came up short. Silver. I seem to have plateaued right about there, having won a silver in the last 4 conventions, but still finding a gold medal just out of reach. Important to note, though, that only 1 gold medal was awarded this time, and it was very well deserved.


Edit- I think it’s time for me to start hanging out a little more with the folks at CMPA. These are really cool people, and include some of the best painters in the United States. And they enjoy talking techniques and tips. They have get togethers somewhere on the Front Range every week. I think it’s time to go start some learnin’!

Edit 2- Got some very interesting Reaper figures as prizes. Completely not my style, but they look like they’ll be a blast to paint. Keep an eye out for them. I should have a few photos (i was only taking pictures the last day) in a day or two.Mostly of the local game store booths and the painting room, and hopefully a decent one of Torin Reed’s gold medal winning entry.


4 thoughts on “TactiCon ’11

    • Thanks Christopher. It was an awesome piece that won a gold. A very well-deserved gold at that.I’ll talk to a judge today and see where I fell short and get some tips for next time. I feel good about winning silver. There was some really nice work in this competition.


  1. Lovely work, terrific attention to detail, and well-worth of commendation. Did you get pics of the piece that beat you out for gold? I’d be interested in the criteria used for judging.

    • Thanks. I’ll take a pic today. My camera isn’t great, so it may lose some of the detail, but for a lack of a better word, it was stunning. A Steampunk themed diorama. In a couple weeks, the painting group will put out “official” photos, and I’ll post that then as well. But let’s see what I can take today.


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