Avalon Hill’s “War and Peace”

When I was a kid, back in the 80’s, most wargaming that I knew of was done on hex maps with cardboard die-cut counters. And the first game I ever got as a kid, Avalon Hill’s “War and Peace”, was always my favorite.  It’s a multiplayer game that simulates the Napoleonic Wars on a grand strategic scale from 1805-1815, covering all the major and minor nations involved in conflict in Europe during that time.

 It’s been out of print for a couple decades now, but a few years ago, I came across a used copy of the game for cheap, so I went ahead and bought it, and after looking it over, put it up on a shelf. And there it stayed, until a couple weeks ago. That’s when I discovered that there is still a pretty active community of players and designers that have been updating the game. I found that there was actually a 4th edition set of rules, a beautiful new map, and even a company that is producing replacement and optional counters. So as part of a little birthday present for myself, I went ahead and had the map printed and laminated, and had a full color copy of the 4th edition rules color printed and bound.

And tonight, I went ahead and set up a scenario from the game, just to see how it looked and played. I haven’t played the game since probably 1986, but it was a great feeling to go through the book and put out all those cardboard counters again.

I set up for the “Austerlitz” scenario, which is pretty short, and played through a couple of turns to get the feel for the rules, and discovered that I really missed this type of gaming. It brought back alot of memories of getting together with friends for a game, often set up on the pool table in my grandmother’s house. It was a great feeling, and I hope to be able to get in a number of games with friends soon.



3 thoughts on “Avalon Hill’s “War and Peace”

  1. AH had it going on! But crazy expensive when I was a kid! I got a whole bunch about 20 years later when people were binning them. By then, they were great for ebay fodder. But I still remember them on the shelf, new, teaching me that I needed to make a lot of money, someday. Sigh, AH.

  2. Scott,

    I understand, my first game was B-17 Queen of the Skies, and I let it go when I went in the Army. I have since started collecting any of the oldies that I can find, and have had pretty good success with my finds.


    • Same thing with me… I had quite a collection when I joined the Army, but all of it disappeared when I was overseas (thanks to an overzealous “I want to make your room into an office!” mother). I have managed to recollect most of them the last few years, though there are still a couple I need to find someday.


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