Work in Progress- French 7th Hussars for “Waterloo” Pt. 2

So the two 7th Hussar figures dried overnight, and this evening I gave them a light coat of matte varnish and did some highlighting and adding in a few details.

The colors came out the way I hoped. Everything has a touch of a sepia tone to it, which is kind of the whole point of me using AP in the first place.

As far as the highlights go, I kept it simple. The whole point is to build an army, so I have to economize my time, which means I have to make myself stop painting at some point. With these two, I did 1 highlight, except for the red and green, which I did 2. The AP Strong Tone made a good shade for those colors.

I also added some more details, such as the eyes. Once everything is done and based, they’ll get a final spray of matte varnish to take off that last bit of sheen.

The Dark Tone worked great on the horses I think. The blacks could use more definition, but, again, I’m painting up a full unit of these…36 when it’s said and done. So it’s time to move on and start painting up the rest of the 12 figure squadron (I’m going to do 1 squadron at a time).



One thought on “Work in Progress- French 7th Hussars for “Waterloo” Pt. 2

  1. Wow, promising. And impressive: it sounds so quick and easy! I’ll be looking forward to seeing the whole regiment done, really! Thanks for sharing the step-by-step.

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