Dutch Blue Guard, Work in Progress

These are a couple of figures from a small unit of Dutch Blue Guard, circa 1690 (War of the League of Augsburg), that I’m putting together. They aren’t based yet, and so far of the 19 figures total I need for the unit I only have about 5 done. But they are a joy to paint…Front Rank really outdid themselves on this line. As did Flags of War, who made the standards.

For the uniforms, I’ve seen a couple different variations. Some with orange cuffs and facings. I’m going with the plates in the book “Battle of the Boyne” by Osprey, which shows and describes the cuffs and facings as a more yellow color, with some details in orange In the end, it may be off, but I like the color scheme.

Edit- this is what I get for not paying attention…one flag is upside down HAHAH! Not only did I miss it when I attached the flag, but I missed it when I took the photo. Well, at least it’s a “work in progress”…

4 thoughts on “Dutch Blue Guard, Work in Progress

    • Ha! Yeah exactly.

      I usually use a lightbox, but this time I didn’t. I had it packed away and didn’t want to dig it out. After these last pics, I may not bother with it anymore. I just used a large piece of black paper leaned against some books to make it curve up, a single lamp facing the figures, and the overhead light from my dining room (took the pics on my dining room table). I did put the photos through photoshop, but all I did was adjust the size, and use “autolevel”. My camera is a simple pocket camera (but it does have a Macro setting, which I used)

      There’s a good short tutorial on taking single lamp photos and using Photoshop here-



  1. Cheers as always Scott. I’ll need to pay you to pay me some minis up for the website 😀

    I got a really good camera but im still trying workout how to use the thing fully. I’ll need to stop playing computer games when i go and be more productive haha.

    • No need to pay me anything. If there’s a pic you like, just use it. And if there’s something specific you’d like me to take photos of, or heck, even paint, let me know.

      My camera sucks too. But it has a Macro setting, so I can pull off passable photos with it.


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