Dark Sword Miniatures Ranger

This is a figure that has been sitting on my shelf, unpainted, for years. It was one of the first 28mm (ish) figures I bought when I decided to try my hand at painting something other than Flames of War. After receiving it, I realized pretty quickly that there was no way I could paint it as well as I wanted it to look at that time. So I saved it until about 5 months ago. Then I decided to give it a try. After getting about halfway finished, I stopped, and then finished it off this week.

It’s a Dark Sword Miniatures “Male Ranger” scuplted by Jeff Grace, and one of the most wonderful miniatures I’ve painted. Dark Sword has many great figures, and I’ve ordered a few more, but this one will always be my favorite. Way back in my Pencil and Paper fantasy RPG days, I always like to play a Ranger, and this miniature looks exactly how I always pictured my Ranger, Aradain, to look like.

Painting the face was probably the most difficult and most rewarding part of this miniature. I basically used a technique taught to me by my friend Kris (Wargames and Railroads) , adding a few in-between steps to blend the transitions from shadow to highlight. I was really trying to get an expression on the face, and I’m pleased with the way it turned out.

Though I didn’t paint this for a competition, I may enter it at GhengisCon ’12, just to see how it fares. I’ve never entered in a fantasy category before, so it might be interesting.


5 thoughts on “Dark Sword Miniatures Ranger

  1. Thanks guys.

    Kris- If I can, I’ll show it to you Friday and if you’re not too swamped maybe you can give me some last minute tips to touch things up before I enter it. No expectations… just wanted to finish it. Those are probably the best sorts of things for me to enter hahah.

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