GenghisCon XXXIII pt. 1

This weekend was GenghisCon XXXIII here in Denver, and I was able to spend Saturday afternoon at the convention. It was a a fantastic evening, and I got to hang out with good friends and meet all sorts of people. There were some great games, and there was a huge turnout of historical miniature and board games and gamers this year.

My game club, the League of Extraordinary Gamers, sponsored a number of games and an army painting competition, which I was fortunate enough to be asked to help judge. I also entered a few miniatures into the competition sponsored by the Colorado Miniature Painters Alliance, winning two silver medals, two bronze, and taking First Place in the Single Fantasy Figure category, which was really thrilling, as it was the first time I had entered that category. My good friend Richard Dean took home a gold medal as well as a silver, and won First Place in the diorama category for his 54mm Hussars, which I’ve posted here before. All in all it was another great competition organized by my friend Kris (Wargames and Railroads).

As I get access to photos, I’ll post here, along with pictures.

Then 1st Annual LEG Historical Army Painting Competition was a good success. I was happily surprised with the number of entries, seeing as how it was the first competition we have held, and judging from the amount of people who stopped by to look at the armies and vote for Best of Show, I would say it generated quite a bit of interest. Though there may be some tweaking needed in the categories and number of prizes awarded, but overall it went very well, and we hope to sponsor the competition again at TactiCon ’12.

There were 4 categories- Best 18mm and Under, Best 20mm and Above, Best Gamer Army (sort of a catch all for the judges for an army we all agreed we liked and that deserved an award), and Best of Show, voted on by convention-goers. Here are a few photos of the competition-

And the winner of Best of Show, painted by John Rames-

I should have more photos of the competition  to post soon.

LEG member and  Ambush Alley Games Pointman Nick Johnson put on 6 games of Force on Force, running a scenario depicting British Paras vs. Taliban Fighters in Afghanistan. Here are a few photos of one of those games-

I’ll post more photos, including my painting competition entries, soon.


2 thoughts on “GenghisCon XXXIII pt. 1

  1. The medals are fine, but what I REALLY want is one of those “League of Extraordinary Gamers” plaques that were given as awards in the Army Painter contest that your club sponsored. Those were beautifully designed and executed. Any painter would be proud to show one of those in their display case. Maybe I’ll enter an army at Tacticon…

    Richard Dean

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