Gardes te Voet, the Dutch Blue Guard, 1690

This is a unit I started a few months ago, but, as with other projects, has been slowed down quite a bit because of my illness. The unit represents the Dutch Blue Guard, King William III’s personal regiment at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.

I’ve seen a few variations on the uniforms as to the color of the cuffs, etc… ranging from golden yellow to bright orange. I chose to go with a more yellow color, basing my painting on the plates from “The Battle of the Boyne” by Osprey, while doing some details in orange. It may be somewhat off, but I like the colors.

The standards are from Iain at Flags of War, just a few of the brilliant Williamite Wars flags he offers. The figure are from Front Rank Miniatures, 28mm. They are based for the game Fields of Glory: Renaissance.

Click on an image for a larger version-

Thanks for looking.



4 thoughts on “Gardes te Voet, the Dutch Blue Guard, 1690

  1. There are some superb pieces in your collection, but this may be, if not the finest, one of the very finest things I’ve seen you do. Bien fait!


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