A New Direction for my Hobby and my Life.

I have been painting miniatures and playing wargames with them for quite some time. Enough time, in fact, that I have to admit to finally being burned out with the entire hobby. There are only so many French Hussars one can paint before finally saying “What’s the point? It’s just a hunk of metal with some colors splashed on it.”. So with that in mind, I would like to announce that from  today forward, I will be pursuing a new hobby, a new lifestyle in fact, that I have become passionate about, and will dedicate this blog to-


I’m really thrilled about this new direction my life is going to take, and hope you will all continue to follow along as I explore the wonders of making wooden puppets seem as though they’re speaking.  And though I have never even attempted to throw my voice in any way before, it seems logical to me that to do something like this, I need to dedicate at least some of my spare time and energy to it.

Because of that, today I sold all my miniatures, paints, and brushes, and used the funds to purchase a dummy, a wooden stool, and a glass of water for that awesome “drinking while singing ” trick. I’ve also enrolled in a 6 week online course in Ventriloquism from the Charlie McCarthy School of Ventriloquy, and have downloaded 7 pages of knock-knock jokes to memorize and use in my act. Great material like this-

Knock- knock.

Who’s There?

Cows go.

Cows go who?

No, cows go moo!

I’m really excited about this… it’s gonna be huge.


7 thoughts on “A New Direction for my Hobby and my Life.

  1. Sold all your miniatures? How come I wasn’t notified of this? There are a few that I’ve had my eye on for quite some time now. To receive this news after the fact is unconscionable! I am steamed! Livid! Beside myself! Near suicidal! I am…uh, hold on a second…

    Never mind.


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