Jon Snow (A Gift for a Friend)

I have’t managed to do much painting lately, but I really wanted to finish this miniature to give as a gift to a good friend of mine. Hopefully she’ll like it.

This is a miniature of Jon Snow of the “Song of Ice and Fire” series of books (And the Game of Thrones TV Series) from Dark Sword Miniatures’ George R.R. Martin collection, sculpted by Tom Meier-



6 thoughts on “Jon Snow (A Gift for a Friend)

  1. Thanks guys. Yeah, it turned out to be a good gift 🙂

    These really are great miniatures. Think I’ll order a few more.


  2. Rubbish :-p On a more serious note, I love how you paint faces… I can never get my faces to look the way I want them too.

    • Thanks! Painting faces is still an evolving thing for me… trying to find a balance between what I like and time I want to spend painting, especially with units. But I find that a little extra time spent on faces i units goes a long way- the eye is naturally drawn to the face.

  3. Scott — great job on the monochrome outfit. It’s especially effective and requires a little different approach as opposed to one of various colors.

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