Russian Army List and Downloads for “Waterloo”

As you all know, Warhammer Historical Wargames is no more, and has stopped producing and supporting historical games. However, before the demise of WHW, Mark Latham, author of Waterloo, was working on a new army list for Russia, which he hoped would be made available as a free download at some point down the line. We were asked to playtest the list, but sadly Mark never got to release it in any official capacity, so he said we could use it as we saw fit. We’ve had it for a while, and are pretty happy with it, so we decided to post it here for everyone to enjoy.

This list is in no way official, nor is it endorsed by Games Workshop, or the now-defunct Warhammer Historical Wargames. It should be treated as a work in progress – feel free to use it, and have fun with it.

I have created a downloads page with the Russian Army list plus the public downloads made available for “Waterloo”. The link to it is at the top of the blog, under the Header photo, and also in the “Galleries” section on the right hand side of the page. You can also find it directly here- “Waterloo Downloads” .



10 thoughts on “Russian Army List and Downloads for “Waterloo”

  1. Awesome news, mate. Thank you so much for posting this. A friend of mine really wants to do a Russain army using the Waterloo rules.

    • I’m pretty excited about being able to post the list. Though there’s nothing “official” any more, this is about as “official” as it can get i suppose. Maybe we can generate enough enthusiasm to get a semi-official late war Austrian list put together, and then maybe some earlier period one’s as well.


    • No problem at all. Glad you find the list useful. I love the rules as well. Maybe we can convince Mark to put together one last list of Austrians…

  2. Not about the Russian list but I have a question for an experienced Waterloo player & don’t know where else to post this. In the army lists – for this example I’ll use the French Line Battlion – it says “If the battalion comprises six companies, one must be upgraded to a Voltigeurs company for +25 points.” It also says the same thing about Grenadiers.

    Does this mean if you take a battalion of French line with six companies, one of them has to be a Voltigeurs company & one of them has to be a Grenadier company? Based on the word, that appears to be the case.

    The rest I ask is I am about to start painting a French army & I am painting as I build the army. I want to make sure i get the company stands correct for each battalion.


    • Hi Jefferson

      Yes. If you take 6 companies, one must be a Grenadier and one must be a Voltigeur. The basic point behind it is that a full strength French battalion would always have a full compliment of both its heavy and light companies, so they have to be present. Smaller sized battalions, which would generally represent those that have been reduced through attrition, casualties, lack of manpower, whatever, wouldn’t necessarily have the full compliment of Voltigeurs and Grenadiers,and hence you can represent a battalion without them. It wouldn’t mean they’re no there, just not in significant enough numbers to have that same (in game terms) impact.

      My advice on painting an army for Waterloo is to paint each Battalion at full strength, with all possible options, and then you are able to play each unit however you see fit. So for the french, so 4 line, 1 Voltigeur, and 1 Grenadier company (and one of your line stands should have your command figures in it as well)

      Hope that helps. Good luck!


  3. Brilliant!!…just found the russian army list and can only say Big Thanks Scott!!…Think Waterloo is an excellent set of rules and I was myself trying to adapt the existing army lists for russians and austrians…Looking forward Austrian Army list now…
    Thank you again…Bravo!!

    • Hey Gareth

      There’s isn’t an “official” Austrian list, and I don’t think Mark has any plans to put one together at this point. If someone creates one that’s reasonably accurate and balanced, I’ll post it here to give people a chance to test it out.


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