Need Some Motivation

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything having to do with painting. There has been so much going on in my life the last few months, that I just haven’t had the time, energy, or motivation to paint. I do find myself occasionally looking over my miniatures, both painted and unpainted, wistfully, wondering when I’ll feel the urge to pick up a brush again, but still haven’t felt any impetus to do anything about it.

I did enter a couple of things in the last TactiCon painting competition, notably the Dutch Blue Guard, but I was very disappointed with the results, which managed to push me back even further from painting (I had though it would give me a charge to paint some more). I’d like to enter something in the Army Competition at GhengisCon in early 2013. It’s organized and judged by my gaming group, and it fits more along the lines of the type of painting I do, but if I don’t start cranking something out soon, that won’t be happening either.

So basically this post is a whole lot of nothing 🙂 Thinking out loud, I suppose. And letting everyone know that I do intend to get back to it, eventually. Thanks for your patience.



6 thoughts on “Need Some Motivation

  1. One of the best motivations I’ve had for painting in years so something our group of friends do called Paintjam. Every Sunday morning from 10am to 1pm we meet up at our local gamestore & paint miniatures together. Sometimes there are three of us – sometimes 10. We all get a lot done, comparing methods, chatting, etc.

  2. Been wondering what was going on with you. Never fear, the motivation will return (or not). It’s been months for me as well, but I did just finish the mounted English Officer you gave me a while back. Maybe playing the Pitched Batte scenario from Waterloo would serve to inspire you. C’mon, let’s tear up a little Belgian countryside some weekend!
    On another subject, every time I open it, I’m happy that I ordered the Waterloo book before Warhammer went bust. Not only does it provide a wealth of information with superb illustrations, it showcases some miniatures by an internationally published artist that I am personally acquainted with. Bonus.

  3. Dear Sir,

    Please may i take this opportunity to offer a few words? I totally feel for you and what i would call the painters block. All great artists have a period in the wilderness where just the thought of picking up a brush is to great to comprehend. I know this will pass and the block will lift time is of the essence here. I have just looked at your work and if its any consolation its lifted my painting block. I have asked you for advice in the past and you have kindly given it, so my advice is embrace this alien feeling who knows from it may come a greater painting experience.

    The kindest regards


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