Time to Start Painting Again.

Well, it looks like it’s finally time to start painting again. Thanks to the unbridled enthusiasm of my friends, I dusted off the tub full of Napoleonic miniatures, and started doing a little assembly. I have a couple ideas, using a couple different techniques, in mind-

Finish my artillery battery for my Napoleonic French “Waterloo” army (limbers for each gun as well as an ammo wagon, so it should look pretty cool on a game table)-


And maybe put together a diorama-


And my friend Scott S. and I are also discussing doing some medieval armies… some Hussite War stuff perhaps. One thing I WON’T be doing is painting for the next convention’s painting competition (unless I can get something done for our club’s army competition, which I doubt). That in itself has gone a long way to souring me on the hobby.

I figure if I post progress now and then on my blog, I might actually follow through and finish something. So, we’ll see how it goes…


9 thoughts on “Time to Start Painting Again.

  1. GREAT NEWS MATE. Do Otterburn!!! It’s not if i don’t have the flags and shields for it haha. David Imries figures are stunning as well. I have some of the Hussites from Kingmaker and they are great but the are going to be Baretheons 😀

    • I think Otterburn is a little to early… I’ve got a bunch of those Perry Medieval plastic, and my friend Scott already has a Hussite army. I will need flags though, and lots of them, once I decide which Holy Roman Empire and mercenary troops I’m going to paint. I want to do lots of flags and banners per unit.
      David Imrie is one of my favorite painters. I’ve learned more from him and HussarBob than just about anyone.


  2. Nice to see you back at it!
    Despite winning a Demon years ago, I too found that “competitive painting” was a serious downer for me. I only ever entered once. Won’t do it again. And it took me a long time to even WANT to paint after that!

    • Yeah it just drives me nuts. Our game club has started an army painting contest, and I helped judge the last one… that doesn’t bother me as much. The focus is on gaming armies, so it’s just kind of fun to see these massive collections of miniatures on display and to be involved in that.
      But the big competition at our conventions here…I just cant do it any more. It burns me out.

  3. All you need is a couple of British guns and crews and you have the “MERDE” scene from Waterloo. Very nice composition of models!

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